We do not use MSG in our products.
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Beef Chili: (Gluten Free Option)*
Kidney beans, beef, tomato, onions, & a delicious array of chili spices.
Chicken Pot Pie:
 Reminiscent of the same pot pie grandma would make.  
Chunks chicken, peas, & carrots in a creamy chicken broth.     
Blue Chip Chicken Tortilla:
 Savory Southwestern-spiced broth, chicken pieces,
topped with Pico de Gallo, Cheddar cheese and Blue Corn Chips. Arriba!  
Chicken Wild Rice:
 Lot’s of premium North Country long grain wild rice drowned a rich creamy broth, chunks of chicken, carrots, onion & celery.  
Eddington’s most popular soup and “that’s saying something!”   
Zesty Vegan Vegetable: (Gluten Free Option)*
 9 fresh vegetables gently added in a vegetable broth. 
Beef Garden Vegetable : (Gluten Free Option)*
 From the original garden we add potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, corn, green beans & peas, to a generous serving of beef, and 7 spices.  
This hearty soup, is not only healthy, but will leave you satisfied.  
Kloski Chicken Noodle:
 Thick Kloski egg noodles, carrot, celery, onion, parsley, chunks of chicken in rich slightly peppery chicken broth.  
Tomato Basil: (Gluten Free Option)*
  This classic contains  tomato, basil, onion, rice and a hint of cream...
White Chicken Chili:
 White beans, chicken, green pepper, garlic, Swiss cheese, a bit of cream and spicy Southwestern spices.   
Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese:
  American cheeses in a creamy sauce loaded with chopped carrot and onion. 
* Our Gluten Free option is not recommended for people suffering from celiacs. Our facility is not certified gluten free.