Eddington’s first opened its doors in the Twin Cities area across from Dayton’s Department Store in downtown Minneapolis, in August of 1981. The first Eddington’s was located on the second floor of a Marv Wolfenson building above the old “PARIS” Beauty Salon. It was not easy to find the single door leading to the new restaurant, and when people found it they had to climb two flights of stairs to reach it. As one customer said, “Its hard to find, but that just makes it all the more “chic.” 
Eddington’s was a raging success from the beginning with their healthy alternative to typical restaurant fare. Eddingtons' is the common last name of sisters who helped develop the recipes. Randall Erickson continues to carry on the tradition that speaks of quality, service, and cleanliness. Eddington’s is truly like “Coming Home” & would most appreciate to assist you in bridging quality with value to your next special event. 
Eddington’s offers an array of boxed lunches, soup, sandwiches, fruit, pasta, & party trays for that special occasion or business meeting. 
Our catered meals will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites.
 Please put yourself in touch with our kitchen.